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What’s the Difference Between Agency & Independent Providers?

Lucky gentlemen,

How spoiled for choice you are! Not only do you get to select between a bevy of beauties, but you’re also placed in the rather titillating position of deciding whether you would like to book with an independent or agency provider. After all, there seems to be a tangible difference between agency and independent ladies, no? How ever is a gentleman to choose? What are these mysterious inner mechanisms that differentiate the two? Let’s ruminate together, shall we.

Independent service providers are truly mythical beings. It may be hard to imagine for the untrained (and wandering) eye, but make no mistake! These are savvy small business owners running a one woman show. The intelligence required for such an undertaking, and the personality of an independent’s brand is like a siren call to most men. It’s not all about appearances, and this is where many agencies fall short. They aren’t marketing providers as unique individuals, nor showcasing anything other than some pretty pictures and a generic write up. (That my friends, is called a market gap; one that Rouge has every intention of filling.)

Conversely this is also where clients fall short – they assume because a lady is not independent she doesn’t posses these handsome qualities that make independent providers so enticing! But I’ll let you in on a trade secret; most agency providers do not need the help of their agencies to be successful. Possibly the biggest deal breaker is the fact many simply don’t have the time to invest in undertaking the colossal task of starting a small business. They are students, career woman, or have tight knit interpersonal relationships. It’s not an extraordinary feat to imagine a woman would like to spend her precious free time coddling family, friends, a significant other, hobbies, or focusing on her “real world” ambitions. Instead of answering emails, fiddling around with BBCode on an ad, or moving images to a new hosting platform (for the 2nd time this week). And that’s ok! It’s ok to value your time and other commitments over being “independent” in your side hustle. If I’m being honest, I find these presumptions clumsy and patronizing. Must we infantilize woman for undertaking a calculated delegation?

MYTH: Agency providers are less intelligent and fascinating than independent providers
MYTH: Independent providers are less intelligent and fascinating than agency providers
FACT: Every woman is beautiful and fascinating in her own way. There is no surefire means to ascertain chemistry through marketing and branding alone, but at Rouge we hope to do our providers individuality and unique beauty justice.

And with that, my dear readers, I bid you adieu to contemplate your heart out. While certainly not a thorough examination, I hope this gave you a bit of insight into the mind of a provider and the inner workings of her raison d’être.