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2hr Courtesan Experience

A little late, but I wanted to share the beautiful outcome of our grand opening contest.

Congratulations “G” for winning our 2hr Courtesan Experience, and a big thank you to everyone who entered! Not to worry if you didn’t win this time, there are many more contests and giveaways on the Rouge horizon.

We gave away a 2hr date to recognize the essence of the experience we offer at Rouge. Many of our clients seek holistic companionship, extending into realms further than mere physical pleasure. In the age of digital communication and urban isolation, taking the time to connect with a receptive companion becomes a little less self-indulgent, and a bit more about self-care. Humans are a social species! Connection, laughter, sensuality; all are under-recognized but essential elements to happiness. This is why we do what we do, and why we sincerely find pleasure in companionship! Making a kind gentleman feel like a king for an evening is such a special, rewarding feeling.

Pictured, an only slightly fancier version of our go-to spread for 2hr+ bookings. Champagne encouraged! Substitute sparkling water if less inclined.

Real connections are difficult to squeeze into 1 or 1.5hr dates. A 2hr gives you and your companion the chance to gracefully transition past any initial nervous butterflies and small talk, to get to the point where your date feels more like hooking up with an old friend than a stranger. Rouge providers are vetted precisely for the ease at which they’re able to form social connections, so there’s little to worry about a mis-match. A really good companion connects with a broad spectrum of people by wearing many hats. She drifts through different personas to tantalize and engage by calling upon her diverse life experience and intuiting your desires.

2hr+ dates line up with our focus on providing authentic, genuine encounters. While we always put forth sincere effort to give every gentleman a fabulous time, the slow, languid build of tension over wine or dinner does go a long way in the seduction of a woman. Just saying, gentlemen! 😉