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I have a question, (insert X, Y, Z)?

We love questions! There is never a comment or inquiry too mundane for our reception. All polite inquiries will be answered with a smile 🙂

How do you handle my sensitive information?

With the utmost professional regard. All email communications are based on Swiss servers and encrypted from end to end. Upon request, your screening information will be deleted after your date.

I’m a high profile client. Would you be open to signing an NDA?

Yes, we are experienced and comfortable with the process of non disclosure agreements and are happy to oblige.

May I use ROUGE as a reference for a different provider/agency?

Absolutely! We endeavour to respond to all reference requests ASAP.

Do Rouge Companions smoke?

No, all of our ladies lead healthy lifestyles and are free of smokers breath.

May I ask my companion to not wear lipstick and/or perfume for our date?

ROUGE ladies are way ahead of you, we always have your discretion in mind. By default, we have a no lipstick and perfume policy unless otherwise requested. A tinted lip balm and the smell of sweet, sweet hygiene is our go-to.

Do ROUGE Companions allow reviews?

Yes, PDA is welcomed! We believe in the importance of review board culture in order for providers to distinguish themselves as legitimate and clients to make informed decisions. We do ask reviews are kept as tasteful and respectful as possible, while trying to keep the companions privacy (ie: identifying details), entrusted.

Client Testimonials

"Ana has this positive aura and very youthful vibe around her which can easily rub on to you and life feels rich, exciting and amazing. You feel like you have known her for years, and she is completely into you. Recommend absolutely to those that crave deeper connection..."

-toddbertacchi, perb.cc , Anastasia Eden

"The service at Rouge is amazing. Friendly, efficient and professional. The prices are higher but you are dealing with the best of the best. Definitely check them out if you want 5 star experience."

-vansitie, perb.cc

"Sabrine would be very easy to fall in love with- in fact, I think I did a bit already. What a sweet, kind, beautiful, accomplished, classy and attractive woman she is."

-private correspondence , Sabrine Scott

"I have been with about almost 50 providers so far, and Allison just made my ATF! Her incredible natural beauty, intelligent and engaging conversation, and her sensuality makes her unique and I am planning to become one of her regulars…"

-toz6464, theeroticreview.com , Allison Paige

"Everything about their operation is 1st class. I've seen a pretty good variety of providers and Rouge just has a little bit of an added touch that seems to go the extra mile."

-just_shaggy, perb.cc

"Can't go wrong with this agency. I've only had great experiences and Ana is one of my ATFs! A bit high on the price point but you get what you pay for."

-tekking88, perb.cc

"If there was a goddess for happiness, I think she would look like Zoe. She greeted me like a long lost friend and was so comfortable with me from the get go. She is a burst of fresh energy and is a hilarious girl."

-ermaac, perb.cc , Zoe Sparks

"The incall is fantastic. Reception is quick. The girls are great. Best agency in the city right now."

-cassiusclay, perb.cc

“Of the 12-15 providers I’ve been with, Allison might rank as the best to date. Her young, authentic, sensual vibe, combined with the immediate chemistry, are what really set her apart. Allison is the kind of girl I would consider dating if we met in regular life.”

-pkr, perb.cc , Allison Paige

“Ana offered me some champagne and finger food. The incall these girls use is very upscale, well located and with lots of amenities. It reflects attention to detail and their desire to welcome you like a king.”

-toz6464, theeroticreview.com , Anastasia Eden