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Scarlette: Introductions

I’m not an extraordinary person. I’m not the most intelligent, or the most beautiful, the wittiest, or a suck-out-your-soul succubus in bed. I am devilishly curious, unbridled by convention, persistent (read: stubborn), and most importantly, I genuinely love everyone. I genuinely love making others feel good. My soul feasts on human connection. This is the foundation on which I built my success as a companion: leaning into the desire to genuinely connect.

All explicatives aside, there is definitely more to success as a companion than basic interpersonal skills. You’ll find many woman who harbour such sentiment to one degree or another. Most are “hidden gems”. I myself, was once compared to a shy, semi-precious stone before I built my brand to where I am today. The secret ingredient? A pinch of investments, a sprinkle of synchronistic timing, and more than a few dashes of networking. In retrospect, it all came down to the connections I made that furthered my brand and drew attention to me in a positive light. For the most part, I got lucky with the relationships I built. I was in the right situation at the right time, and confident enough to put myself out there. No agencies existed that aligned with my values when I was first starting out, so building my network was an extremely dragged out process that involved switching between various incalls, associations, contractors, etc. I definitely have an “interesting” story or two from this period. It took me years to reach the point where I was consistently seeing amazing high quality clientele, without experiencing Imposter Syndrome claiming to be a ~luxury companion~

If hours of manual labour toiling away on curating a brand is like completing a triathlon, making a good connection to position your brand at a higher caliber is like stepping into a portal. Which is also the kind of feeling that I want to inspire in the ladies I collaborate with at Rouge. Where’s the Staples button? Because THAT WAS EASY. Instant blessings, baby.

Regardless of my how’s, I also have to touch on my why’s. I believe companionship is not only a financially lucrative means to pave the way to a brighter future, but I honestly think it has made me a better human being. That is my truth. Spending so much time with intelligent, mature company with so many different perspectives has drawn out great reserves of empathy and intuition that once hid itself from my presentation. This may seem contradictory to some, but I think I’m a classier, more intelligent, cultured and well-rounded woman from my experience. I place emphasis on woman because, for all I know, I might still have the mindset of a girl in my twenties. I consider these priceless strides of self development.

Thank you so much for taking the time to pick my brain. I can be reached directly anytime at scarlette@rougecollective.ca for questions, comments, love letters, and constructive criticism (and blog ideas).