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Allison Paige

Fantasy Girl-Next-Door


An Introduction


Essentially I’m a bundle of sweetness and sunshine, wrapped up in sensual, soft feminine curves and a truly angelic face. I believe inner beauty is just as admirable as outer; perhaps I’ll be able to bring some of both to your life? As a naturally happy person I hope to rub my infectious spirit off onto others. You’ll often find me at the gym – living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is my greatest passion. I’ll help you count your macros!

However, the realm of the senses is  truly my demimonde; whether it be traveling around the world (of which I have many tales), the sweetness of a pear, softness of a kitten, or the touch of a man’s hands, and lips… Generous in nature, I would love nothing more than to please you – with my soft, plump lips, innocent feminine wiles, sumptuous hips and succulent thighs.

First Glance


Age: 21
Ethnicity: Canadian, Scandinavian
Eyes: Light Green
Figure: 5’3, 120lbs, 34C
Tattoos: One small tattoo
Libation: Cabernet Sauvignon & Champagne
Celebrity Lookalike: Miranda Kerr
Personality Type: ISFP
Best known for: “Your college sweetheart” type of make out sessions
Blog Contributions: Bake With Me!

Sneak Peek




1.5 hour (520) An Extended Embrace

2 hour (740) Signature Courtesan Experience
The heart of Rouge. You’ll be greeted with an array of snacks and beverages while you get acquainted and let intimacy progress naturally.

3 hour (1100) Dream Date
You might include a cocktail across the street at an upscale lounge.

4 hour (1400) Wine and Dine
Enjoy a dinner date followed with private dessert.

12 hour (4000) Slumber Party

Deeper Connection


What attracted you to professional companionship?

Curiosity! I always fantasized about the idea of being a companion. To develop friendships with sweet men and enhance my life.

Favourite destination?

Anywhere I can drink out of a coconut. Skinny dipping in Bali!

What’s the sexiest thing about a man?

The secret at any woman’s heart is laughter. I’m also very attracted to a man who smells nice with good hygiene and a warm smile.

Least sexy?

Bad breath is the biggest deal breaker. Poor hygiene and boorish behaviour are a close second.

How would you describe your style in the sheets?

Comforting, sensual and intimate. I love kissing and a good make out sesh.

What about in the streets?

Laid back and casual. Think the most adorable co-ed walking around in Lululemon tights who smiles coyly and blushes after seeing you look at her. You would never suspect someone so innocent looking is actually up to such naughty behaviour. 

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

I love video games, the Dark Knight Rises and Lord of the Rings. Request to see me in my Batman t-shirt!

Where can you be found on a typical Sunday afternoon?

I like to go to the gym, relax at home with my kitten, or wear one of my cute dresses out for a nice dinner. 

Little Fancies


Tropical houseplants, anything Chanel (makeup, shoes, scent), Gucci “Rush” perfume, Spa gift card to CHI at the Shangri-La

Brands: YSL, Chanel
Shoe size: 8 US / 41 EU
Lingerie: 34C, Small
Dress: Size 6