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Chloe Lane

Seductive Sophisticate


An Introduction


When was the last time someone surprised you? I’m just as likely to be found curled up reading my latest novel as I am to be taking mirror selfies in my new underwear. I believe it’s entirely possible to be a multi-faceted woman; one with the sex appeal and skills of a porn star, but one who could also keep you fascinated for endless hours of pillow talk.

Mature beyond my years, well-read, well-traveled and very well-spoken; I’m sure to have you both aroused and transfixed. Let’s connect over mutual stock interests, travel bucket lists, or just a good laugh alongside an aged bottle of red and a flirty smile. You soon find my hand lightly graze your thigh… what happens next? Let me unravel you. You deserve it.

First Glance


Age: 22
Ethnicity: Canadian, German, Welsh
Eyes: Blue
Figure: 5’6, 125lbs, 34D
Tattoos: A few small tattoos
Libation: French white wine with a clean palate
Celebrity Lookalike: Madeline Zima
Personality Type: INTP
Best known for: Her sophistication and seductive energy

Sneak Peek




1.5 hour (520) An Extended Embrace

2 hour (740) Signature Courtesan Experience
The heart of Rouge. You’ll be greeted with an array of snacks and beverages while you get acquainted and let intimacy progress naturally.

3 hour (1100) Dream Date
You might include a cocktail across the street at an upscale lounge.

4 hour (1400) Wine and Dine
Enjoy a dinner date followed with private dessert.

12 hour (3500) Slumber Party

Deeper Connection


What attracted you to professional companionship?

I love soaking up different perspectives from those who are more knowledgeable or experienced, it enhances my mentality in so many ways! I’m also able to have financial freedom while still pursuing other goals.

Favourite destination?

I’ve traveled quite a bit around Europe, but my favourite city by far was Barcelona! Such a lively and energetic place. LA is also a classic.

What’s the sexiest thing about a man?

The passion they hold. It is very attractive to me when a man is passionate about projects, work in his life, and of course, in the bedroom as well…

Least sexy?

Probably arrogance. I value confidence in a man, however I appreciate when a man is humble, and open minded.

How would you describe your style in the sheets?

Energetic, passionate, adventurous, and playful. It brings me a lot of pleasure to know that the person I am intimate with is enjoying themselves.

What about in the streets?

I would describe myself as a very happy, energetic, thoughtful, and well spoken individual. On an everyday basis, I can usually be found wearing a pair of blue jeans, a chic wool coat, and a sleek pair of black booties.

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

How quickly I read books, I’m a total literature junkie. I go through 3-4 a month!

Where can you be found on a typical Sunday afternoon?

On a typical Sunday afternoon I can be found journaling, hitting the gym, then heading to Catch 122 for brunch with my best friend afterwards.

Little Fancies


Chanel Chance perfume, lilies, The Harmont Company Candles, anything Gucci, a gift card to CB2 or West Elm 

Brands: Mackage, Celine, For Love & Lemons
Shoe size: 8.5 US 39 EU
Lingerie: 34D, medium
Dress: 4