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Zoe Sparks

Friendly Firecracker


An Introduction


You can’t take your eyes off a firework display. Being in the presence of a spectacle is something we gravitate toward; a sight so beautiful you simply stare in awe. Firecrackers are bright, brilliant bursts of energy that make you feel alive, and I’m flattered to say I’ve been compared to such phenomena. Entertaining, energetic, and easily excited, I guess I can see why! But never one to hog the spotlight, I hope I can make you feel like a star too.

Refreshingly uncontrived, I’m an easy-breezy west coast beauty with a twist. My delicate, exotic features and vibrant personality add the perfect amount of spunk to your typical girl-next-door. I enjoy embracing fitness and the outdoors, and am usually laid-back in appearance, with my natural beauty on display. I hope our laughs come easy and we both walk away with a new zest for life.

First Glance


Age: 24
Ethnicity: Canadian, Nubian, Scandinavian
Eyes: Deep Brown
Figure: 5’7, 117lbs, 34A
Tattoos: None
Libation: Argentinian Malbec, Champagne
Celebrity Lookalike: Meghan Markle
Personality Type: ESFP
Best known for: Her enthusiasm

Sneak Peek




1.5 hour (520) An Extended Embrace

2 hour (740) Signature Courtesan Experience
The heart of Rouge. You’ll be greeted with an array of snacks and beverages while you get acquainted and let intimacy progress naturally.

3 hour (1100) Dream Date
You might include a cocktail across the street at an upscale lounge.

4 hour (1400) Wine and Dine
Enjoy a dinner date followed with private dessert.

12 hour (3500) Slumber Party

Deeper Connection


What attracted you to professional companionship?

I’m hungry for a higher understanding of others and their unique experiences. I consider it a privilege to provide an escape, while feeling empowered by embracing my own sensuality.

Favourite destination?

New Orleans!

What’s the sexiest thing about a man?

If you can make me laugh, you can make me do anything! Neatness in appearance as well as attentiveness to personal hygiene is also valued.

Least sexy?

A man without any of the aforementioned is a big one, including arrogance and bad breath.

How would you describe your style in the sheets?

I’m very open-minded and versatile. Whether it be slow and sensual or a passionate naughty romp, my “style” will always be personally unique.

What about in the streets?

Rather laid-back. Usually you’ll see me in leggings by day, heels with a LBD by night, and everything in between. I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a chameleon.. I’ve never been one to compartmentalize myself.

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

I’m an avid gamer, and can clock an embarrassing amount of time once I get into a particular game. Taking me to an arcade is a sure way to my heart.

Where can you be found on a typical Sunday afternoon?

I love the outdoors. You’ll likely find me reading and doing yoga in the park, or hiking a trail on one of our beautiful mountains with my dog/partner in crime!

Little Fancies


Orchids, anything from Lush, Saje essential oils, gift cards to Willow Stream Spa & Lululemon, Oscar de la Renta perfume, I’m also obsessed with dark chocolate.

Brands: Adidas, Gucci
Shoe size: 7.5 or 8 US / 38.5 EU
Lingerie: 34A, Xs/Small
Dress: 4