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nighthawk; perb.cc
“Allison is one of the prettiest girls I’ve met in this hobby. She would easily make my top 5 prettiest of all time. And yes, she does look a lot like Miranda Kerr. For someone so young and beautiful to offer herself to you so willingly is just…surreal! I often do double-takes just to see if it’s really happening or if I’m imagining the whole thing…”

jonnyboi; perb.cc
“Allison has a very tender and lovely way of kissing – so much so that I feel like I’m with my college sweetheart. When I left, Allison made a cup of coffee for me. The gesture itself was worth the price of re-entry again…”

kungfu panda; perb.cc
“Even though she might be young in her age, Allison had traveled around the world for a bit and her intelligence is years beyond someone her age. Good thing I had extended our time or otherwise we would’ve spent the entire time talking…”

pkr; perb.cc
“I connected with her almost immediately, as we just bantered on the couch for about 15-20 minutes & almost lost track of time — she’s well traveled for her age & very easy to talk to. The best part was her youthful moaning during sex, which felt authentic and made everything even hotter. Overall, of the 12-15 providers I’ve been with, Allison might rank as the best to date. Her young, authentic, sensual vibe, combined with the immediate chemistry, are what really set her apart. Allison is the kind of girl I would consider dating if we met in regular life…”

toz6464; theeroticreview.com
“I have been with about 50 providers so far and Allison just made my ATF! Her incredible natural beauty, intelligent and engaging conversation and her sensuality makes her unique and I am planning to become one of her regulars…”

chopstick_33; perb.cc
“Been holding back from writing as i want her all for myself as she is my favourite. Her genuine smile is priceless and sets the mood for whats to come. Probably seen her 10 times and will always continue seeing her…”

paradisechaser; perb.cc
“I saw Allison a week or two ago for the first time and can confirm as well. She is a sweetheart and really beautiful. She was much younger than I expected (or at least younger looking) which is not something I usually go for since I am not in my early thirties anymore. Sex was good but honestly our conversation was better. Also props to [reception] for being super professional and fast with correspondence…”

Herb Elly; perb.cc
“Allison, will you marry me? Damn, she is so cute, sweet and perky. I felt like this just might be the best girlfriend experience I’ve ever had. My god, can this girl kiss. Rolling around naked on the bed and exploring each other was a sublime experience. I have a feeling that globetrotting with this beautiful girl would be a ton of fun…”

Noobbc; perb.cc
“She has this college cute school girl look that i’m so attracted to. Seeing her was never all about sex for me. It’s about the whole experience of the session. It’s just so chill and fun. Recommendation: Yes, if you aren’t looking to just bang another hot chick…”

toddbertacchi; perb.cc
“Ana has this positive aura and very youthful vibe around her which can easily rub on to you and life feels rich, exciting and amazing. You feel like you have known her for years, and she is completely into you. Recommend absolutely to those that crave deeper connection…”

toz6464; theeroticreview.com
“I have been looking into meeting Anastasia for some time now, and today I finally had the big pleasure of enjoying her company. The long wait was well worth it and all my expectations were incredibly met. Anastasia is a drop dead gorgeous redhead, with a warm wonderful attitude and a truthful desire to please you beyond your wildest imagination…”

donjuan1980; perb.cc
“I finally reached the modern upscale building with ample parking on the day of booking, made my way and when the door opened my jaw dropped to the floor, and I knew I was going to have an amazing time with her. Anastasia is well traveled and has a charming personality to put you at ease. By the end of it, we were both sweating and her smile and uplifted mood told me she enjoyed as much as I did…”

samicaliskan; perb.cc
“She has a gorgeous face and body. Her foreplay was amazing. Very good dirty talk. I can definitely see that she enjoys herself. She came three times, omg and she loses control when she comes, I loved it. And I had a very nice conversation with her. She made me laugh while we were chatting. I will visit her again to make sure that I was not dreaming…”

toz6464; theeroticreview.com
“Ana offered me some champagne and finger food. The incall these girls use is very upscale, well located and with lots of amenities. It reflects attention to detail and their desire to welcome you like a king.”

ballhawk; perb.cc
“An experience like no other. She really treats every visit as a date. She does a lot of small and big things. She goes the extra mile. She is one of the only two SPs I have met that I feel are genuinely nice, grateful and kindhearted…”

rlock; perb.cc
“I love petite redheads in general and cute, sexy, and classy top-tier ones can be hard to find. Anastasia had prepared the incall for Valentine’s Day with some snacks and beverages, and there were some rose petals spread around the place too. (Nice to see that sort of hosting effort being made)…”

just_shaggy; perb.cc
“She’s a proper spinner and with a great toned body. Very responsive and seems to enjoy it a lot, which definitely rubs off on me and gets me going. Outside of the bedroom we really clicked too, talking about books we’d read and recommending some to each other. I probably could have sat and chatted with her all night. She’s a very interesting and down to earth woman…”

MrEd; perb.cc
“Booking with Rouge is awesome. The whole date from booking, to the amazing session with Ana was 10/10. I really liked the extra attention and care after we were done. I had worked up quite a sweat, so as I lay there panting, Ana gave me a warm hand towel to clean up, AND a cool towel for my forehead. It was so sweet…”

Herb Elly; perb.cc
“She approaches intimacy slowly and assuredly, inviting you to share in her joy. At some point she said “maybe you want to look at that” and angled her shapely derrière toward the mirror. My god. The waist to ass ratio on this girl is simply other-worldly. Recommend? If you are seeking an addiction.
Repeat? I may have to seek council…”

northvan10; perb.cc
“Ana made me feel at ease right from the get-go. A bit of an age difference between us, and she handled it well. She is a cute spinner, as other have stated. Great positive energy, and conversationalist. After some chit-chat and refreshments, she showed me she sure knows how to take care of a man. She also have me an RMT-level massage!..”

herb elly; perb.cc
“Sabrine immediately put me at ease with her easy going attitude. She turned from a somewhat conservative, sophisticated, yet almost sweetly naive woman, into a sex monster, and I mean that in the BEST possible way. Sabrine is a professional woman with a full time job. The delightful thing about this is that essentially this is her fun time as well, and it shows. If she’s faking her enjoyment of every aspect of the date, she deserves an Oscar…”

“L”; private correspondence
“Sabrine would be very easy to fall in love with- in fact, I think I did a bit already. What a sweet, kind, beautiful, accomplished, classy and attractive woman she is. From the time that she arrived to share a glass of wine, until the moment she parted, I was completely engaged and enamoured. That she is drop-dead gorgeous is not in doubt, but she is beautiful right though, which was a very gratifying and welcome bonus. I love that she has a successful career as well. Yes, it would be fair to say that I very much enjoyed meeting her today. Please pass on my thanks!..”

badbadboy; perb.cc
“Bubbly for sure, loves to laugh and is very playful. She loves to be touched and shows it vocally and with her body’s quivering. Her natural body is just like the pics in her ad. 5’2″ very nice curves with C cup boobies and a nice spankable bum. Her oral skills are second to none and FS in doggy was a fantastic finish…”

toddbertacchi; perb.cc
“Guys here is your chance to meet a woman who is stunningly beautiful, smart, educated, and well-to-do. However, she’s also friendly, humble and down-to-earth. How is this possible? Well book and find out!..”

ermaac; perb.cc
“If there was a goddess for happiness, I think she would look like Zoe. She greeted me like a long lost friend and was so comfortable with me from the get go, I completely forgot that I am paying to visit her. She is a burst of fresh energy and is a hilarious girl. She talked about a lot of things with me ranging from books, pets to video games. She has a very nerdy appeal to her. Zoe Sparks really sparked a new wildfire in my heart which I hope will never be doused. I have already booked her for a 4hr video game date, and will repeat using her service as long as she is working…”

Herb Elly; perb.cc
“You guys know I’ve seen her a LOT when she was with her previous agency WCA – just check Herb’s Big Adventure from last year, LOL! She’s the same girl, but somehow re-energized, fun, happy and sexy as hell. Highly recommended for those who want a fun, “sparky” encounter with a tiny tight hottie…”

Mr. Fixit; perb.cc
“Nothing was lost with the move to Rouge, maybe even better now!…”

Nighthawk; perb.cc
“Zoe is like a whirlwind, full of energy, enthusiasm and reckless abandonment. This translated into a most “lively” sexual encounter for me. Standing about 5’6”, with a slim, lean but athletic, runner’s body, I was quite awe-struck by her beauty and totally entranced by her amazing butt. Facially, she definitely does resemble Meghan Markle. At her current rate, she represents the high end of my pooning budget. But then I ask myself, “How much would I give to be in Prince Harry’s shoes for an hour or two? And what would I do with that time?” As a Prince, it is your absolute DUTY to satisfy your PRINCESS!..”

toddbertacchi; perb.cc
Holly checks all the boxes’ looks, personality & her enthusiasm during the physical play. She loves making out and DFK, engaging eye contact; constant smile on her face were some of the highlights during our rendezvous.

cassiusclay; perb.cc
“The incall is fantastic. Reception is quick. The girls are great. Best agency in the city right now.”

toddbertacchi; perb.cc
“Rouge is my most visited agency this year . Rouge has the professionalism of an agency, but all the companions are of independent caliber. I would call it hybrid of the best of two sides. [Founder] has put in lots of hard work & passion into this, which is pretty much evident in all the little details from the website, incall & most importantly the companions. You can’t go wrong no matter who you pick. They are all physically attractive, stellar conversationalists, skilled, well-travelled & most importantly they are constantly improving by leaps & bounds.”

Tekking88; perb.cc
“Can’t go wrong with this agency. I’ve only had great experiences and Ana is one of my ATFs! A bit high on the price point but you get what you pay for.”

vansitie; perb.cc
“The service at Rouge is amazing. Friendly, efficient and professional. The prices are higher but you are dealing with the best of the best. Definitely check them out if you want 5 star experience.”

just_shaggy; perb.cc
“Everything about their operation is 1st class. I’ve seen a pretty good variety of providers and Rouge just has a little bit of an added touch that seems to go the extra mile. The location really has a lot of character and is well maintained. The bathroom is spotless and nicely stocked up with whatever you might need to clean yourself up. Refreshments have been provided every time. Many of their companions only do 90 minutes or more so I’ve always booked 90 minutes. Especially when first meeting, the longer time lets you connect a bit more before the main event.”